Presidential Race

The 2020 Presidential Race is Heating Up and so are Private Jet Charters

With the presidential race heating up, some people have been wondering what costs to fly our elected politicians. Well, let’s start with Donald Trump. For the midterm elections campaign, he spent close to 17 million dollars in travel sponsoring fellow Republicans.

The President travels in a 747 that costs close to $140,000 per hour to operate. On occasion, he uses a Boeing 757 for smaller airports that only costs about $35,000 an hour to operate.

The Democrats spent close to $4.1 million dollars in the final 3 months of 2019. That is a nearly 90% increase from the third-quarter total. Surprisingly, no other candidate spent more money than Senator Bernie Sanders who paid roughly $1.2 million. Elizabeth Warren spent about $720,000 on charter flights. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent close to $646,000 on private planes since about late November when he announced his candidacy. Pete Buttigieg took the combined award for most private jet charters by a Democrat for total spending in the third and fourth quarters close to $800,000.

It’s not uncommon for candidates to fly around using charter flights. It’s virtually impossible to keep up with the demanding schedule using commercial aviation. Exclusive Private Jets offers services that allow for flexibility in schedule, multiple stops in one day, and getting into municipal and downtown airports like Orlando Executive.

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