Execuliners or VIP jumbo jets seat between 15-25 passengers.

 These aircraft have an average range of 5,000 miles, some as far as 7000 miles and speeds of Mach 0.79. 


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Execuliners Aircraft For Charter

Airbus corporate Jet A319

Boeing Business Jet

Boeing Business Jet 2

Boeing Business Jet 3

Lineage 1000E

Boeing BBJ

Airbus Corporate Jet A 319

Embraer ERJ 145

McDonnell Douglas MD 83

Boeing 737-400

Boeing 737-800

About Execuliners Aircraft

This is the crème de la crème of private air travel. With bedrooms, dining rooms, theaters and private baths, this aircraft makes flying as difficult as spending a few relaxing hours in your NYC Penthouse. Standard butler service and a private chef make it a very “unforgettable” flight!

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