Private Jets

New York Jet Charter offers both aircraft charter and management services to suit all air travel needs.

Over 5,000 Private Jets and Helicopters
Available for Charter Worldwide

Turbo Prop Planes

The Turbo Prop is looked over as just a prop plane. However with a turbine (jet) engines, It is just as safe as a jet. It is also is the most fuel-efficient aircraft for short-service flights.

Light Private Jets

Light Jets seat about 4-8 guest and are ideal for short to mid-range trips and average cruising speeds of 440 MPH with a non-stop range of 1,500 miles.

Charter Mid-Size Private Jets

The Mid-size jets aircraft combine the flight distance, speed, and comfort that you expect from a larger private or business jet aircraft.

Charter Super Midsize Private Jets

Super mid size jets feature wide-body cabin space, high-altitude capability, speed, and ultra-long range. They can seat up to 19 passengers depending on configuration.

Charter Heavy Private Jets

Heavy Jets seat 12-14 passengers. Most heavy jets have a non-stop range of 4,500 miles and a speed Mach 0.79 Some newer heavy Jets Like the Gulfstream 550 have a …

Charter Private Airliner

Execuliners charter airliner or VIP jumbo jets seat between 15-25 passengers. These have an average range of 5,000 miles, some as far as 7000 miles and speeds of Mach 0.79.

Charter Private Helicopters

Helicopters are ideal for short trips with a max cruising speed of 250ks. They seat 4-6 passengers. Most clients transfer from their jet to their chopper to bring them to …

Aircraft Charter & Management Services

New York Jet Charter is an industry-leading aircraft charter and management service provider offering exceptional and unrivaled standards in service, flexibility, efficiency and value by designing customized air travel solutions for each individual customer. Our clients demand the best from us, and we never compromise. We will exceed your expectations by providing world-class charter jets service, exceptional value and absolute flexibility on each and every jet charter flight. Fly with us often or as little as you like; we will always do our very best to earn your continued business. Charter jets at your fingertips.

Luxury, Convenience,
Safety and Security

We have access to over 5,000 executive private jets worldwide, including helicopters, turboprops, midsize business jets and executive airliners. We can guarantee availability on a private jet charter flight with catering and luxury chauffeured services within four hours notice. Our experienced representatives can quote, dispatch and provide concierge services from the office or via our integrated mobile dispatch system.

Competitive Pricing

New York Jet Charter provides the most competitive pricing in the industry for private jets charter empty legs and one way jet charter flights. We offer the utmost privacy before, during and after your executive jet charter flight. We will masterfully manage every aspect of your flight. Work uninterrupted in the secluded cabin with your colleagues. Never lose your baggage; always arrive rested and stress-free at your destination. We guarantee we will exceed all private air charter travel expectations. We deliver luxury, convenience, safety and security on every flight.

Fly with us often or as little as you like; we will always do our very best to earn your continued business.

New York Jet Charter
is a full-service jet charter company that takes pride in providing our customers with 24/7 on-demand jet charter services.

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