Mid-Size Jets

The Mid-size jets aircraft combine the flight distance, speed, and comfort that you expect from a larger private or business jet aircraft.

These aircraft are suitable for longer range travel such as transcontinental flights and for travel with larger passenger capacity requirements. Some newer models like the Citation XLS Plus can fly coast to coast. The type of air travel that you do will determine the type of jet that you will require.


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Mid-Size Jets for Charter Aircraft For Charter

Cessna Citation Excel

Cessna Citation XLS

Cessna Citation XLS+

Cessna Citation III

Cessna Citation VI

Cessna Citation VII

Hawker 800 XP

Hawker 850 XP

Hawker 900 XP

Learjet Lear 60

Gulfstream G 150

About Mid-Size Jets for Charter Aircraft

Mid- size jets can accommodate 4 golfers and their clubs or a family of six and luggage for a week vacation. These aircraft for charter also offer a full lavatory.


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