Private Jet Charter Industry Consolidation Is Peaking in 2020 (1)

Private Jet Charter Industry Consolidation Is Peaking in 2020

When we look back at 2019 and 2020, we will remember it as the peak of consolidation in the private jet charter space. Just this week, Wheels Up announced a merger with Gama Signature, making it the third-largest company in the United States. 

Private Jet Airliners: Making Private Jets Mainstream?

The rise of the private jet airliner is here. Let’s call it how it is. The private jet industry is trying to go mainstream. Within the next few years, you will probably be able to charter seats with many of these companies. 

The Future of the Private Jet Industry

Innovation and technology are driving this new market. We see a glimmer of how this will be applied with Vista Jet. Vista Jet recently purchased Jet Smarter for its ability to sell shared flights and its app booking technology. I am sure Vista Jet plans on deploying this technology when they start selling seats on their supersonic fleet. 

This is definitely shaking up the industry; after this year it will be very hard to gain entry as competition and new companies continue to crowd the space.

Exclusive Private Jets: Unparalleled Standards

Exclusive Private Jets is growing and we have just moved into a bigger office right in downtown West Palm Beach. President Jason Johnson feels that the company is in great shape to compete. We have carved out a niche and we are a boutique aviation company. 

We Grow with You

We offer on demand jet charter, we have our Exclusive Aero Membership program, Exclusive Jet Cards, Aircraft Management, and Aircraft Sales so we are uniquely positioned at every step of the aviation cycle.

The bottom line: We grow with our clients. 

We do everything with the client in mind first and foremost. We have agents assigned to each client that answer the phone 24/7. They handle all customer needs from ordering catering, handling the ground transportation, arranging for hotels or any special engagements.  

Never Sacrifice Flexibility and Comfort

The main difference is we are not a private jet charter airliner. The aircraft we use are privately owned and are typically not on scheduled service. 

If you’re an hour late we won’t leave you on the tarmac because we have another flight. Most of the owners charter, but only enough to offset the expense of ownership. They are not trying to fly the wheels of the aircraft like many of these behemoth fleets. 

The whole point of flying private is flexibility and comfort. We want to make sure you’re flying newer aircraft that are within our approved vendor network. We always use Argus, Wyvern or ISBAO certified vendors so you never sacrifice on safety. 

Exclusive Private Jets is a Wyvern-Registered broker and we adhere to Wyvern Standards of safety. It doesn’t matter what stage of the aviation cycle you are in – give us a call and we can work on customizing a solution based on your own individual needs and flying habits. 1-888-522-0883

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